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LIMA History

  • 2016year

    LIMA have a new logo

  • 2015year

    LIMA's users are more than 10million

  • 2014year

    LIMA successfully developed the third generation AAT motor and applied it to electric vehicles and motorcycles

  • 2013year

    LIMA establish business relationship with Bosch of Germany 

  • 2012year

    LIMA Taizhou Huanglang industrial park completed production and The sales volume of the E-scooter successfully broke through the million mark

  • 2011year

    LIMA  group Henan(in the middle of the china) industrial park was established.

  • 2010year

    LIMA electric scooter exported to Japan and other countries。

  • 2009year

    LIMA established the electric scooter industry group co., LTD.

  • 2008year

    LIMA 200000square meters the second phase of the industrial park started.

  • 2007year

    LIMA has been recognized by the state as "municipal technology center of electric vehicle".

  • 2006year

    LIMA company Tianjin branch established. 

  • 2005year

     LIMA have used the ISO9000 international quality management system  


  • 2003year

    LIMA headquarters moved from shanghai to taizhou city.

Company information

LIMA Vehicle Co.Ltd was established in 2003, it is a largar high-tech E-scooter company combined research、product、sale and service. We have three manufacturers in Zhejiang、Henan and Hebei.We also have motor department, metals parts department, coating department, plastic parts department etc.We have 4000 employees and exported the advanced international product line, we can produce 5 million bikes per year.In china ,LIMA is famous brand, our outlets are more than 2500pcs,the  after-sales service net around the country.

For many years, Lima have been market-oriented and service-oriented. We have not forgotten to give back to the society while developing the enterprise. We have actively participated in public welfare and charity activities.

building better products , forging better talents, building better enterprises, let new energy vehicles into everyone's life

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